Boeing 737 is older than you are...

The development of the Boeing 737 dates back to the early 1960s. Its launching customer was German Lufthansa back in 1968. It was the same year when Czechoslovakia came under the occupation of the Soviet Union. Since then, more than 10,000 Boeing 737s have been produced in several variants and modifications.

To fly a Boeing 737 ❤️

In cooperation with the flight school and simulator centers, we provide EASA checkrides on Boeing 737. We provide the following types of checkrides for the Boeing 737 300-900 typerating:

✅ Boeing 737 skill test

It is a checkride you need to pass to obtain a type rating on a Boeing 737. We can also combine the typerating skill test with EASA ATPL(A) skill test.

✅ Boeing 737 LPC - license proficiency check

To keep valid your Boeing 737 typerating you need to pass the LPC or license proficiency check once a year. This will revalidate the validity of the Boeing type rating for another year. The LPC checkride on the Boeing 737 can also be combined with the operator proficiency check on the Boeing 737.

✅ Instructor on Boeing 737

As a instructor on a Boeing 737 you need a TRI assessment of competence. You need the AoC to obtain, revalidate, but also renew the instructor certificate on the Boeing 737. We provide assessments of competence for both types of instructor certificates on the Boeing 737. That is, TRI Boeing 737 and SFI for Boeing 737.

✅ Examiner on Boeing 737

The checkride to become a examiner on a Boeing 737 is called an assessment of competence. You need it for the initial obtain, revalidation, but also renewal of the examiner's certificate for a Boeing 737. We provide assessment of the examiner's competence for both TRE B737 or SFE B737.