Cessna 525 Citation is successful business jet

Cessna 525 Citation is a common name for the family of small business jets. The origins of the Cessna Citation development is comming to the Cessna FanJet. The Cessna 525 has been introduced in 1990s.

Under EASA you need a valid type rating in order to fly the Cessna 525 Citation. In accordance with EASA typerating endorsment list the endorsement is C525. The aircraft can be operated under the single-pilot concept or multi-pilot concept.

Common C525 type rating allows you to operate as a pilot on following variants:

  • Cessna 525 Citation - CJ
  • Cessna 525 Citation - CJ1 and CJ1+ (FADEC)
  • Cessna 525A Citation - CJ2 and CJ2+ (FADEC)
  • Cessna 525B Citation - CJ3 and CJ3+ (Garmin 3000)
  • Cessna 525C Citation - CJ4
  • Cessna 525M Citation - M2