This service is for pilots with a current Cessna 525 Citation type rating interested in the revalidation. The service may also be of interest to Cessna 525 operators and flight schools looking for the freelance TRE C525. We can also do the proficiency check directly on your plane.

Cessna C525 Citation ➡️ revalidation procedure

Cessna 525 Citation proficiency check, LPC, sometimes called as prof check or license proficiency check is the checkride - with a TRE C525 for re-validation of your current Cessna 525 type rating for next period of validity. Successfully passed EASA Cessna 525 LPC is the requirement for flying in any variant of Cessna 525 constituted into the common C525 typerating beyond the current expiry date endorsed in your license.

We are talking about revalidation of Cessna 525 only in case if the type rating is still within its validity period.

Revalidation Proficiency check is also combined with the prof check required and directed by Operational suitability data for the particular variant of Cessna 525 type - e.g. CJ1 or CJM2 and with revalidation of type-related instrument rating.

You are exempted from LPC in case you have completed EBT practical assessment in accordance with Appendix 10 within 3 months immediately preceding the expiry date. 

Pilots who leave an operator’s Evidence Based Training programme after having failed to demonstrate an acceptable level of competence in accordance with that EBT programme shall not exercise the privileges of that type rating until they have complied with one of the following

  • they have completed EBT practical assessment in accordance with Appendix 10;
  • they have passed a proficiency check in accordance with point FCL.625(c)(3) or point FCL.740(b)(3), as applicable. In such a case, point FCL.625(b)(4) and point FCL.740(a)(2) shall not apply.

Regulatory background ✅ revalidation proficiency check

Type rating revalidation procedures is described further in Ec 1178/2011, Subpart H - in FCL.740.A(a)(1).

In order to revalidate the type rating, you have to pass a proficiency check in accordance with Appendix 9 to Part-FCL or complete EBT practical assessment in accordance with Appendix 10 in  Cessna 525 or FSTD representing its variants within the 3 months immediately preceding the expiry date of the rating with C525 TRE. In addition during the period of validity of the type rating, you have to complete at least:

  • 10 route sectors as pilot of any variant of Cessna 525 Citation; or
  • 1 route sector as pilot of the Cessna 525 or simulator flown with an TRE C525. This route sector may be flown during the proficiency check.

If you are a pilot working for a commercial air transport operator approved in accordance with the applicable air operations requirements who has passed the operators proficiency check combined with the proficiency check for the revalidation of the class or type rating is exempted from complying with the above mentioned requirement.

The proficiency check shall only be done by an EASA Examiner with respective Type Rating Examiner privileges for Cessna 525 Citation type and particular variant.

Scope of ✈️ prof check

Cessna 525 type rating holder has to demonstrate ability to perform maneuvers, procedures on that particular variant of Cessna 525 with competency appropriate to the privileges granted. The operator proficiency check may be combined together with your renewal license proficiency check.

The duration of entire C525 license proficiency check takes approximately 4 up to 6 hours total. The flight with the EASA flight examiner takes approximately 2 hours up to 4 hours of the block time - depending on the type of the operations. The rest of the time is used for the preparation of the check flight (route planning, briefing, debriefing and any oral theoretical knowledge examination).

Cessna C525 ➡️ Instrument rating cross-credit

By passing the C525 proficiency check, you will be a holder of type-related instrument rating. If you are a holder of additional class ratings or type ratings, you can apply the cross-credit for your additional type-related or class-related instrument ratings. This is by application of the Appendix 8 to Part-FCL. It is important to notice that to apply the cross-credit the other class or type related instrument rating shall be valid at the time of the C525 IR proficiency check.

The C525 type-related instrument rating revalidates other instrument ratings as follows:

  • SE class rating (*) , and
  • SE type rating (*) , and
  • SP ME class or type rating except for high-performance complex type ratings, only credits for Section 3B of the proficiency check in point B.5 of Appendix 9

* Provided that within the preceding 12 months the you have flown at least three IFR departures and approaches exercising PBN privileges, including at least one RNP APCH approach on an SP class or type of aeroplane in SP operations, or, for multi-engine, other than HP complex aeroplanes.

Validity period ➡️ revalidated type rating

Validity of the Cessna 525 type rating in accordance with FCL.740(a) is 12 months (1 year). The validity period starts by the day of the C525 prof check and ends up by the last day of the month plus 12 months. If the Cessna 525 LPC has been failed, the C525 type rating privileges becoming suspended and you will not be able to exercise of C525 type rating privileges. The validity of the Cessna 525 type rating can be again revalidated 90 days prior expiry date with keeping current expiry pattern.

✅ Cessna 525 validity example - normal pattern

Type rating Cessna 525 is valid until 31 JANUARY 2022 and the C525 prof check has been successfully passed at 24. November 2021.

  • New expiry date: 31 JANUARY 2023
  • Reason: Revalidation done within period 90 days preceding the expiry date

✅ Cessna 525 validity example - shortened pattern

Type rating Cessna 525 is valid until 31 JANUARY 2022 and the C525 prof check has been successfully passed at 30. October 2021.

  • New expiry date: 31 OCTOBER 2022
  • Reason: Revalidation done outside (ahead) period 90 days preceding the expiry date

✅ Cessna 525 validity example - renewal required

Type rating Cessna 525 is valid until 31 JANUARY 2022 and you have done your C525 prof check 01 FEBRUARY 2022.

  • Your CAA will most likely reject your application and void the prof check
  • Reason: C525 type rating has expired and you need to attend renewal procedure provided by flight school (ATO)

Other variants of Cessna C525 Citation

The EASA Typeratings and endorsement list constitutes several variants into one recognized license endorsement for all Cessna 525 Citation variants. The Cessna C525 Citation type rating authorizes the holder to fly on the variant of the Cessna 525 on which the initial skill test was performed. To fly another variant of the same Cessna 525 type you are required to attend so-called differences training.

As an example - your skill test was performed on CJ1 variant and you are interested in flying CJ3. In this case, additional training differences training is needed. This is so-called flying the different variant of the same typerating.

The additional differential training is required whenever the applicant has not flown in that variant for more than 2 years as required by FCL.710(b) of Part-FCL, Regulation 1178/2011.

Cessna 525 LPC