You may be interested in this text if you are looking for a way to unfreeze your Frozen ATPL(A) on one of the variants constituting into the Bombardier CRJ series type rating. You might also be interested in this text should you areinterested in the conditions for obtaining an EASA ATPL(A) skill test.

✅ What is ATPL(A) skill test ✅

The ATPL(A) skill test is a checkride with and EASA TRE - type rating examiner on Mitsubishi Bombardier CL65. This is a practical checkride required by regulations to obtain an ATPL(A) license - the so-called airline transport pilot license. An ATPL(A) is required to perform the function of pilot-in-command on multi-pilot aeroplanes - it obviously means on Mitsubishi Bombardier CL65 - CRJ100/200, CRJ700/900CRJ1000. The checkride may also be taken on the business jet variants of Mitsubishi Bombardier CL65 such as Challenger CL850CL870CL890.

ATPL(A) license ➡️ privileges

In accordance with FCL.505 the privileges of the holder of an airline transport pilot license ATPL(A) are to:

  • exercise all the privileges of the holder of an LAPL(A), a PPL(A) and a CPL(A);
  • act as pilot-in-command - Commander of aircraft engaged in commercial air transport.

Applicants for the issue of an ATPL shall have fulfilled the requirements for the type rating of the aircraft used in the skill test.

So holder of an ATPL(A) can be a pilot-in-command on multi-pilot aeroplanes - so-called MPA. Being a holder of an EASA ATPL(A) license is one of the pre-requisites to become a pilot-in-command, or let's say Captain on Mitsubishi Bombardier CL65 type and all its variants - CRJ100/200, CRJ700/900CRJ1000 or Challenger CL850CL870CL890.

Requirements for ✅ ATPL(A) issue

The requirements for issue of an ATPL(A) are as regulated in Subpart F, Part-FCL of Regulation 1178/2011.

In general, the applicant for issue of an ATPL(A) shall meet the conditions to obtain a type rating for one of the variants of the Bombardier CL65 aircraft, on which the ATPL skill test will be carried out. According to the EASA Type rating and class rating endorsement list, this is one of the following variants of the Mitsubishi Bombardier CL65 aircraft - CRJ100 / CRJ200, CRJ700 / CRJ900, CRJ1000 or Challenger CL850, CL870, CL890.

In accordance with FCL.500 applicants for an ATPL(A) shall be at least 21 years of age. The requirements, pre-requisites and crediting for ATPL(A) are laid down further in FCL.510.A.

Applicant for an ATPL(A) shall hold:

  • an multi-pilot license MPL; or
  • a commercial pilot license CPL(A) and a multi-engine instrument rating for aeroplanes. Applicant shall also have received instruction in multi-crew cooperation MCC.

Applicants for an airline transport pilot license - ATPL(A) in accordance with FCL.510.A(b) shall have completed a minimum of 1 500 hours of flight time in aeroplanes, including at least:

  • 500 hours in multi-pilot operations on aeroplanes (MPA - e.g. Boeing B737Bombardier CRJ or MPO on single-pilot complex aeroplanes - e.g. Cessna C525 Citation);
  • 500 hours as PIC under supervision; or
    • 250 hours as PIC; or
    • 250 hours, including at least 70 hours as PIC, and the remaining as PIC under supervision;
  • 200 hours of cross-country flight time of which at least 100 hours shall be as PIC or as PIC under supervision;
  • 75 hours of instrument time of which not more than 30 hours may be instrument ground time; and
  • 100 hours of night flight as PIC or co-pilot.

Of the 1500 hours of flight time, up to 100 hours of flight time may have been completed in an FFS and FNPT. Of these 100 hours, only a maximum of 25 hours may be completed in an FNPT.

When it comes to ATPL(A) skill test, multiple crediting options are available in accordance with FCL.510.A(c) as follows:

Holders of a pilot licence for other categories of aircraf (e.g. helicopters) shall be credited with flight time up to a maximum of:

  • for TMG or sailplanes, 30 hours flown as PIC;
  • for helicopters, 50 % of all the flight time requirements of paragraph FCL.510.a(b).

Holders of a flight engineer licence issued in accordance with applicable national rules shall be credited with 50 % of the flight engineer time up to a maximum credit of 250 hours. These 250 hours may be credited against the 1 500 hours requirement of paragraph FCL.510.A(b), and the 500 hours requirement of paragraph FCL.510.A(b)(1), provided that the total credit given against any of these paragraphs does not exceed 250 hours.

The experience required in FCL.510.A(b) shall be completed before the ATPL skill test is taken.

ATPL(A) Skill test ⭐ Bombardier CL65

To obtain Airline Transport Pilot License - ATPL(A) it is required to pass the checkride with examiner - so-called ATPL skill test with type rating examiner TRE in accordance with FCL.520.A. The applicant for airline transport pilot license shall pass a ATPL skill test in accordance with Appendix 9 to Part FCL to demonstrate the ability to perform, as PIC of a Bombardier CL65 aeroplane under IFR, the relevant procedures and manoeuvres with the competency appropriate to the privileges granted.

The ATPL(A) skill test shall be performed on airplane or on in a full flight simulator FFS representing the variant of  Bombardier CL65 aeroplane. It means the variant of Mitsubishi Bombardier CL65 CRJ100/200, CRJ700/900CRJ1000 or business jets of Mitsubishi Bombardier CL65Challenger CL850CL870CL890 According to AMC1 FCL.520.A, the ATPL skill test may serve at the same time as a skill test for the issue of the ATPL licence and a proficiency check for the revalidation of the CL65 type rating and may be combined with the skill test for the issue of a multi-pilot type rating. In such case the requirements of FCL.510 a FCL.510.A shall be met.

Bombardier CRJ - ATPL Skill test