What is landing training

Base training is required by Ec 1178/2011, Part ORA and speciefied further in AMC2 ORA.ATO.125.

Base training or simply landing training must be completed upon the successful completion of type rating training and typerating license skill test with an EASA Examiner. The TRI type instructor providing the base training shall be holder of the respective privileges to provide the base training on respective type in accordance with FCL.910.TRI(a)(2). Landing training is part of the type rating training, however can not exceed 2 flight hours of the overall typerating training time.

 Base training duration

With the exception of type rating training courses approved for ZFTT, certain type rating training exercises normally involving take-off and landing in various configurations should be completed in the aeroplane rather than an FFS. For multi-pilot aeroplane where the student pilot has more than 500 hours of multi-pilot experience in aeroplanes of similar size and performance, these should include at least four landings of which at least one should be a full-stop landing, unless otherwise specified in the OSD established in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1702/2003. In all other cases the student should complete at least six landings.

Base training content

Base training consists of the exercises described in AMC2 ORA.ATO.125:

  • at least 1 full stop landing
  • one go-around with all-engines operating