Bombardier CRJ is a regional aircraft

Bombardier CRJ is a often used common name for the family of regional jet. The CRJ originates in the initial name of the concept called Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ). The project has been bought-out by the Bombardier. That's why the Bombardier CRJ is commonly used nowadays. The models originating with number 8 - means 850, 870 and 890 is a VVIP modification of this regional jet. Even though the name of the VVIP modification is called Challenger - pilots are often call these business jets as CRJ. The reason is to distinguish the CRJ Series business jets from the Challenger 604/605 or its followers - Global express family.

The Bombardier CRJ series was introduced in the early 1990s. The development of the aircraft is based on the Challenger CL600 business jet, while the gradual development and stretched fuselage created a regional aircraft with a capacity of 40 to approximately 100 passengers. In 2020, the whole project was re-branded and the Bombardier CRJ became the Mitsubishi CRJ Series. Nevertheless the entry in the EASA flight crew license remained the same.

The type rating is required to fly the Bombardier CRJ. Common Bombardier CRJ type rating endorsement is simple - CL65

CL65 type rating covers privileges of following CRJ variants:

  • Bombardier CL65 - CRJ 100 / 200 (smallest variant)
  • Bombardier CL65 - CRJ 700 / 900 (commonly used variant)
  • Bombardier CL65 - CRJ 1000 (longest variant)
  • Bombardier CL65 - Challenger CL850 (business jet comes from CRJ 200)
  • Bombardier CL65 - Challenger CL870/890 (business jet)