To revalidate your type rating you need an EASA TRE ✅

Predĺženie typovej kvalifikácie je upravené v Nariadení 1178/2011, Časť FCL, ustanovenie FCL.740(a).

To revalidate the type rating it is necessary to pass a checkride called license proficiency check in a simulator representing the aircraft type in accordance with Annex 9 to Part-FCL. The proficiency check may be completed within 3 months immediately preceding the expiry date of the type rating. Checkride can only be done by an EASA type examiner for the particular aircraft type.

Besides that the applicant has to complete during the period of validity of the type rating, at least:

  • 10 route sectors as pilot of the relevant class or type of aeroplane; or
  • 1 route sector as pilot of the relevant type of aeroplane or FFS, flown with an EASA examiner. This route sector may be flown during the proficiency check.

A pilot working for a commercial air transport operator approved in accordance with the applicable air operations requirements who has passed the operators proficiency check combined with the proficiency check for the revalidation of the type rating shall be exempted from complying with the requirement of sectors.

After successful completion of the proficiency check, the type rating will be revalidated for another 12 months. In most countries, the type rating examiner can endorse your license with new expiry date.

NOTE: Route segment is a flight which consists of take-off, departure route, horizontal flight of at least 15 minutes, arrival, approach and landing.