Read thru if you are looking for a way to obtain an EASA ATPL(A) with a Boeing 737 based on your ICAO ATPL(A) with a valid Boeing 737 typerating.

ICAO to EASA ✓ transfer in general

If you are seeking to obtain full EASA ATPL(A) based on your current so-called third country (non-EASA) license - e.g. ATPL(A) issued by FAA, you need to meet two main requirements:

  • requirements for obtain of EASA ATPL(A) flight crew license
  • requirements for obtain of EASA type rating on Boeing 737

It is important to mention that EASA license shall be issued only if endorsed with respective type rating or class rating. Due to this reason, the ICAO to EASA ATPL(A) mandates to transfer not only the ATPL license itself, but also the transfer of the respective typerating.

The very last step in the ICAO 2 EASA ATPL transfer is the checkride with an EASA ExaminerTRE Boeing 737 or SFE B737. Two checkrides, namely EASA ATPL(A) skill test and EASA typerating skill test are into the one single checkride in simulator. 

EASA ATPL(A) pre-requisites

Requirements for initial issue of EASA ATPL(A) - airline pilot are to be found in FCL.510 and FCL.510.A as follows:

Minimum total time of 1500 hours in aeroplanes, including at least:

  • 500 hours in multi-pilot operations on aeroplanes;
  • 500 hours as PIC under supervision; or
    • 250 hours as PIC; or
    • 250 hours, including at least 70 hours as PIC, and the remaining as PIC under supervision;
  • 200 hours of cross-country flight time of which at least 100 hours shall be as PIC or as PIC under supervision;
  • 75 hours of instrument time of which not more than 30 hours may be instrument ground time; and
  • 100 hours of night flight as PIC or co-pilot.

Of the 1500 hours of flight time, up to 100 hours of flight time may have been completed in an FFS and FNPT. Of these 100 hours, only a maximum of 25 hours may be completed in an FNPT.

An important prerequisite for obtaining an EASA ATPL(A) is passing an ATPL(A) theoretical examination consisting of 14  subjects.

EASA B737 typerating pre-requisites

A valid Boeing 737 type rating contained in a licence issued by a third country may be inserted in a licence issued in accordance with Annex I (Part-FCL) to Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011. In case of ICAO to EASA typerating transfer, you need to meet the requirements of Section 4, Article 10 of Part FCL and meet following:

  • complies with the experience requirements and the prerequisites for the issue of the Boeing 737 typerating in accordance with Part-FCL;
  • passes the relevant skill test for the issue of the Boeing 737 typerating in accordance with Part-FCL;
  • is in current flying practice;
  • as no less than 500 hours of flight experience as a pilot in variants representing Boeing 737.

Boeing 737 is specific

By attending the EASA ATPL(A) skill test, you will have to demonstrate your ability to act as a pilot-in-command. So there will be no "copilot" restriction anymore.

Boeing 737 type rating is quite specific when it comes to EASA. Some countries - such as the USA and their FAA and many others - use a common Boeing 737 licence endorsement for all variants and generations of the Boeing 737 ranging from Boeing 737-100, Boeing 737-200 through Boeing 737 Classic, Boeing 737 NG to Boeing 737 MAX. Compared to EASA which recognises two separate type ratings for the Boeing 737 - the Boeing 737-200 for the Boeing 737-100 and Boeing 737-200, and the single Boeing 737 300-900 for the Classic, NG and MAX generations.

Boeing 737 ATPL Skill test