This service is aimed for a pilots with an experience on Cessna 525 looking to become instructor SFI for Cessna 525. Service can also be interested for a flight school and Cessna 525 operators looking for a freelance TRE C525 with privileges for SFI and TRI C525 assessment of competence.

 Cessna 525 SFI - Simulator Instructor

SFI(A) or SFI assessment of competence is a assessment done by an EASA TRE examiner or SFE Examiner on Cessna 525 type. The aim of the supervised training session is to assess the competence of the Exam candidate to provide the training in simulator towards the specific variant of the Cessna 525. The assessment of the applicant’s competence is described in FCL.920.

SFI certificate is usually the choice for experienced retired pilots or for those who lost medical wishing to instruct towards Cessna 525 in simulator only.

Conditions for obtain of ❤️ SFI Cessna Citation

Synthetic Flight Instructor - SFI for Cessna 525 shall meet the requirements of FCL.915.SFI and particularly FCL.915.SFI(d). That means he has to  hold or have held a commercial pilot license - CPL(A), multi-pilot license - MPL(A) or airline transport pilot license - ATPL(A). Furhermore have completed the proficiency check for the issue of Cessna 525 in an FFS, within the 12 months preceding the application.

Additionally the SFI C525 candidate shall have completed at least 500 hours of flight time as PIC on single-pilot aeroplanes and hold or have held a multi-engine instrument rating.

He also have to comply with FCL.915.SFI(c)(2) - to complete, as a pilot or as an observer, within the 12 months preceding the SFI C525 application, at least:

  • 3 route sectors on the flight deck of any Cessna 525 variant; or
  • 2 line-orientated flight training-based simulator sessions conducted by qualified flight crew on the flight deck of the Cessna 525. These simulator sessions shall include 2 flights of at least 2 hours each between 2 different aerodromes, and the associated pre-flight planning and de-briefing.

In case of the SFI C525 privileges will be exercised in multi-pilot operations, instructor shall have completed a minimum of 500 multi-pilot flight hours in accordance with FCL.905.SFI(b)(1)(ii) and complete an MCCI course in accordance with FCL.930.MCCI. Alternatively instructor has to be or have been a holder of TRI for multi-pilot aircraft - FCL.905.SFI(b)(1)(i).

Privileges of SFI Cessna 525 Citation

In accordance with FCL.905.SFI synthetic flight instructor - SFI for Cessna 525, can provide training in simulator for issue or renewal of type rating for Cessna 525 variants. In addition a SFI C525 can provide the training for the parts of the MPL(A) training for Cessna 525 provided he meets the requirements of FCL.905.SFI(c)(3).

The equivalent of SFI C525 is the instructor certificate TRI C525 restricted to training in simulator - so-called TRI C525 FSTD-restricted. The privileges of a SFI include privileges to conduct Evidence Based Training practical assessment at an EBT operator, provided that the SFI complies with the requirements of Annex III (Part-ORO) to Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 for EBT instructor standardisation at that EBT operator.

SFI Training on Cessna 525 Citation

Applicant for synthetic flight instructor - SFI(A) for Cessna 525 Citation shall attend flight training provided in accordance with FCL.930.SFI. Flight training in accordance with FCL.930.SFI can be provided by approved training organization only and consists of:

  • FSTD part of the Cessna 525 typerating training
  • relevant parts of TRI training in simulator representing Cessna 525 Citation
  • 3 hours of simulator training (in case of MCCI)

Restricted SFI privileges

The privileges of SFI C525 are restricted in accordance with FCL.910.SFI to the FTD 2/3 or FFS of the aircraft type in which the SFI training course was taken. The SFI privileges may be extended to other FSTDs representing further types of aeroplanes if the holders have:

  • completed the simulator content of the relevant type rating course;
  • completed the relevant parts of the technical training and the FSTD content of the flight instruction syllabus of the applicable TRI course;
  • conducted on a complete type rating course at least 3 hours of flight instruction related to the duties of an SFI on the applicable type under the supervision and to the satisfaction of a TRE or an SFE qualified for this purpose.

The privileges of the SFI C525 shall be extended to further variants in accordance with the OSD if the SFI has completed the type relevant parts of the technical training and the FSTD content of the flight instruction syllabus of the applicable TRI course.

Instructing for TRI or SFI Certitificate

An Instructor is authorized to instruct towards the TRI C525 or SFI C525 certificates provided he meets the requirements of FCL.905.TRI(b). Instructor has to have at least 50 hours of instructional experience as a TRI or SFI in accordance with Part-FCL or Ec 965/2012. In addition he has conducted the flight instruction syllabus of the relevant part of the TRI training course according to point FCL.930.TRI(a)(3) to the satisfaction of the head of training of an ATO.

Training in an aeroplane is not a requirement for the issue of an SFI C525 or a TRI C525 certificate. In order to deliver effective UPRT, it is beneficial for the instructor to have first-hand experience of the critical psychological and physiological human factors, which might be present during recoveries from developed upsets. These human factors (effects of unusual acceleration, such as variations from normal 1G flight, the difficulty to perform counter-intuitive actions, and the management of the associated stress response) can only be experienced during training in an aeroplane because FFSs are not capable of reproducing sustained accelerations. Completion of the advanced UPRT course in accordance with FCL.745.A would provide such experience and is therefore useful for instructors providing instruction for the issue of a TRI or an SFI certificate.

Assessment of Competence - SFI Cessna 525 Citation

Future synthetic flight instructor - SFI on Cessna 525 shall demonstrate his abilities and competence to provide the training towards Cessna 525 Citation in accordance with FCL.935.TRI. AMC4 FCL.935 mandates the assessment should consist of at least 3 hours of flight instruction related to the duties of an SFI on the applicable FFS or FTD 2/3.

SFI Cessna 525