SFI assessment of competence

Instructor assessment of competence is a checkride to be provided by Type Rating Examiner or Synthetic Flight Examiner for the particular aeroplane type. The SFE and TRE providing an assessment of competence shall have the TRE or SFE experience of at least 3 years.

The purpose of assessment of competence is to assess the competence of an instructor to provide the training on the particular aircraft type in simulator.

It is important to mention that the SFI assessment of competence is identical with assessment of competence of TRI restricted to FSTD only.

In accordance with FCL.935(b) the assessment of competence shall include:

  • the demonstration of the competencies described in FCL.920, during pre-flight, postflight and theoretical knowledge instruction;
  • oral theoretical examinations on the ground, pre-flight and post-flight briefings and inflight demonstrations in the appropriate aircraft class, type or FSTD;
  • exercises adequate to evaluate the instructor’s competencies.
  • The assessment shall be performed on the same class or type of aircraft or FSTD used for the flight instruction.

When an assessment of competence is required for revalidation of an instructor certificate, an applicant who fails to achieve a pass in the assessment before the expiry date of an instructor certificate shall not exercise the privileges of that certificate until the assessment has successfully been completed.

In accordance with AMC4 FCL.935 the assessment of competence should consist of at least 3 hours of flight instruction related to the duties of an SFI on the applicable FFS or FTD 2/3.