ICAO English is the language of aviation

We are provider of language proficiency assessments for both - pilots and ATC. That means we are providing the ICAO English assessments.

ICAO English validity

Validity of the ICAO English depends on the Level of your language proficiency. Different validity is for ICAO and EASA pilot's licenses. Minimum operational level for both ICAO and EASA standards is ICAO Level 4 followed by ICAO Level 5 and ICAO Level 6.

  • ICAO English level 4 in EASA license is valid 4 years
  • ICAO English level 4 in EASA license is valid 6 years
  • ICAO English level 6 is valid permanently

ICAO English assessment

ICAO English language assessment can only be provided by a LAB - language assessment body. We are closely cooperating with one of the Europe-leading LABs - Aero Language. The language proficiency examiners of Aero Language are spread all-over the Europe. Parts of the ICAO English test is rated 1 thru 6.

During the ICAO English test, we are particularly looking on following ICAO language descriptors:

  • vocabulary
  • comprehension
  • pronunciation
  • fluency
  • structure
  • interaction

ICAO English - letecká angličina, letecká škola, letecký výcvik