SFE on Cessna 525

Future Synthetic Flight Examiner - SFE Cessna 525 shall meet the requirements of Ec 1178/2011, Part FCL, paragrahps FCL.1010 and AMC1 FCL.1010.

Synthetic Flight Examiner - SFE on Cessna 525 Citation shall:

  • hold or have held a commercial pilot license CPL(A) or an airline transport pilot license ATPL(A)
  • hold or have held Cessna 525 type rating
  • hold an SFI(A) certificate for the Cessna 525; and
  • have at least 500 hours of flight time as pilots of single-pilot aeroplanes;

For the initial issue of an SFE certificate, have completed at least 50 hours of synthetic flight instruction as a TRI(A) or an SFI(A) on the Cessna 525.