Flight hours towards ATPL(A) on Cessna C525

It is possible to use the flight hours flown in Cessna 552 Citation towards the minimum requirements required to issue full ATPL(A) license. The necessary requirement is that hours on Cessna 525 were flown in multi-pilot operations under standard operating procedures. This flight experience is possible to credit in full towards the multi-pilot flight time required to issue the ATPL(A).

In addition you can also use following flight time from Cessna 525 towards the flight time requirements:

  • total flight time
  • IFR flight time
  • Night flight time
  • Cross country flight time
  • PIC or PIC(US) flight time - pilot in command or pilot-in-command under supervision.

It is however not possible to attend the ATPL(A) skill test in the aircraft of FSTD representing Cessna 525 series. The Cessna 525 is not certified as multi-pilot aeroplane under CS-25 certification standard.