To renew the typerating you need the training and TRE ✅

Type rating renewal is described in Ec 1178/2011, Part FCL paragraph FCL.740(b).

To renew the validity of expired type rating it is necessary to pass the checkride called license proficiency check in simulator accordance with Annex 9 of Part-FCL with an EASA TRE for the particular type. Before attending the proficiency check, it is necessary to complete so-called refresher training provided by the flight school - ATO.

Upon the completion of the proficiency check, the type rating renewed and valid again for another 12 months. In most countries, the type rating examiner can endorse your license with new expiry date provided the type rating is still in the license. This means that if it has not been removed from the list of the ratings as a result of the re-issue of the license. If your license does not contain the expired type rating anymore, your license shall be reissued by the State of  your license issue.

However, some licensing authorities still require the license to be re-issued in case of any renewal  or revalidation of the type rating - even if the type rating is still in the license.