EASA SFE je Synthetic Flight Examiner

Type Rating Examiner or simply EASA TRE is a professional pilot, holder of a airline transport pilot license and at the same time, type rating instructor for the particular aircraft type.

Simulator Examiner is a holder of an Examiner certificate issued in accordance with FCL.1010.SFE, Ec 1178/2011 and Part FCL.

TRE Privileges

Type Rating Examiner TRE is holder of privileges speciefied in FCL.1005.TRE as follows:

  • skill tests for the initial issue of type ratings;
  • proficiency checks for revalidation or renewal of type ratings, EIRs and IRs;
  • skill tests for ATPL(A) issue;
  • skill tests for MPL issue, provided that the examiner has complied with the requirements in FCL.925;
  • assessments of competence for the issue, revalidation or renewal of a TRI or SFI certificates provided that they have completed at least 3 years as a TRE and have undergone specific training for the assessment of competence in accordance with point FCL.1015 (b).

SFE Pre-requisites

Simulátor examiner shall meet requirements of FCL.1010.TRE.

  • for multi-pilot aeroplanes completed 1500 hours of flight time as a pilot of multi-pilot aeroplanes, of which at least 500 hours shall be as PIC;
  • in the case of single-pilot high performance complex aeroplanes, have completed 500 hours of flight time as a pilot of single-pilot aeroplanes, of which at least 200 hours shall be as PIC;
  • hold a CPL or ATPL and a TRI certificate for the applicable type;

For the initial issue of an TRE certificate, have completed at least 50 hours of flight instruction as a TRI, FI or SFI in the applicable type or an FSTD representing that type.