Type Rating training on Boeing 737 MAX

To fly on Boeing 737 MAX you need to have endorsed B 737 300-900 type rating in your flight crew license.

In addition - to be able to fly Boeing 737 MAX you would need:

  • be a holder of commercial pilot license CPL(A) or airline transport pilot license ATPL(A)
  • be a holder of ATPL(A) theory credit or frozen ATPL(A)
  • be a holder of Medical certificate - Class 1
  • be a holder of an ICAO English and IR English language proficiency
  • complete the typerating training course in flight school approved to provide Boeing 737 type rating training
  • attend skill test - checkride in simulator with  EASA TRE or SFE for Boeing 737 300-900
  • attend the base training - 6 take-offs and landings in Boeing 737
  • attend the Operator Conversion Course 
  • attend the differences training from different Boeing 737 variant to Boeing 737 MAX as required by EASA OSD