Cessna Citation is a legend...

This small business jet is a little younger than the Boeing 737. The development of the Cessna Citation began in 1968 under the name Cessna FanJet. Since then, many different variants have been produced. The Cessna 525 series has been manufactured since the 1990s. The Cessna 525 family variants includes variants from classic round-dials cockpit layout to current models with a touch screen glass cockpit. Cessna Citation is simply a flying legend.

Typerating on the rocket - that is Cessna Citation 525

We are authorized to provide range of the checkrides on the Cessna Citation. This covers both - the checkrides in simulator of Cessna 525 and real aeroplane representing the variant of Cessna 525. We can provide checkrides on almost all Cessna Citation variants currently being operated.

✅ Cessna 525 skill test

For the first license endorsement of the Cessna Citation type rating, it is necessary to pass a license skill test. It is a checkride with a type rating examiner, which is usually carry out in a simulator representing one of the Cessna 525 variants. Depending on the conditions under which you intend to fly the Cessna Citation, you will undergo either a test for single-pilot operation or multi-pilot operation of the Cessna 525.

✅ Cessna 525 LPC - license proficiency check

Once a year we fly together in a simulator or - if necessary, directly in the aircraft. The Cessna 525 typerating will be revalidated for another year. If necessary, we can combine the operator proficiency check - OPC together with the license proficiency check of the Cessna 525. Such checkride can be performed directly in the Cessna 525 aircraft.

✅ Instructor on Cessna Citation

The Cessna Citation type rating instructor must be performed for the initial obtain, revalidation and renewal TRI Cessna 525 certificate. We can provide the checkrides for TRI Cessna 525 instructor both in the simulator and directly in the Cessna Citation aeroplane.

✅ Examiner on Cessna Citation

Cessna 525 Senior Examiner provides a specific assessment of competence. With this checkride you can become an TRE examiner for the Cessna Citation typerating. And if you are already a TRE C525, you can revalidate or renew your Cessna 525 TRE certificate with us.