Bombardier Continental

Challenger CL30 is a designation used by EASA as a common license endorsement for the series of super mid-size business jet produced by Bombardier. The Challenger 300, originally known as the Continental Business Jet BD-100, is medium size trans-continental business jet from Bombardier Aerospace of Canada. The aircraft was renamed in September 2002.

Challenger 300 was Bombardier's entry into the super mid-sized battle for supremacy. It is a transcontinental range eight-seat corporate jet, which will sit in the company's model line-up between the Learjet 60 and Challenger 600 series.

To be able to fly Challenger 300 ❤️

In cooperation with the flight school and several simulator centers, we provide checkrides required by the pilots flying and operating Bombardier Challenger 300 and 350. We provide the following types of checkrides for Bombardier Challenger 350.

✅ Challenger 300/350 skill test

Obtaining a type rating for a Challenger 300/350 is subject of passing the license skill test - a practical checkride in a simulator with a TRE CL30 EASA examiner. We can also combine the type rating skill test with obtaining an airline transport pilot's license - ATPL(A).

✅ Challenger 300/350 LPC - license proficiency check

Should you need to revalidate your current CL30 type rating or to renew expired type rating, it is necessary to attend a license proficiency check in the simulator. This will extend the validity of the Bombardier CL30 type rating for another 12 months. The LPC checkride on the Challenger 300/350 can be combined with the operator proficiency check for the Challenger 300/350 operators.

✅ Instructor on Challenger 300/350

The assessment of competence is a practical checkride in a simulator that will make you an instructor on a Challenger CL30. The checkride must be successfully completed in order to obtain, revalidate, and to renew the validity of the instructor certificate on Challenger 300.

✅ Type Examiner on Challenger 300/350

There are not many type rating examiners on the Challenger CL30 in Europe. Successful completion of the TRE or SFE examiner assessment of competence is required to obtain, renew and renew an examiner's certificate for a Bombardier Challenger 300/350. We provide an assessment of the examiner's competence for the Challenger CL30 according to the instructor's certificate - e.g. either a TRI CL30 instructor or an SFI CL30 instructor.